List of sales enablement tools for marketing and sales activities

Digital media technology has made it possible for marketers to get and analyze wide sources of data. With use of presentation sales ideas and enablement tools it has become easy to identify favorable opportunities, centralize any business assets and give results that meet goals effectively. Here is a list of enablement tools: (They are not listed according to any criteria but randomly)

1) Attivio
It is a tool that acts like a an active intelligence gadget by converting information into innovation. Any business using this tool can access unified information. It has the following main features which empower productivity resulting to increased revenue:
– Instant access to all information required
– Low cost to ownership
– Easy to use enterprise platform
– Detailed generation search
– A fast and customizable search and discovery platform

2) Mindmatrix
This tool is specifically made for manufacturing companies. It provides marketing and sales enablement solutions. Sales professions that use this tool get to know the resources to use at each stage, leads that need urgent attention and personalize the assets. Marketers are able to track their ability and effectiveness. Mindmatrix sales enablement tool has the following major features:
– Prospect tracking in real time
– Access to playbooks
– Ability to personalize brand on LinkedIn profile
– Creation of customized sales asset
– Creation of prospect programs

3) Eloqua (Oracle)
Eloqua automation software aligns sales and marketing standards and boost revenue. It puts sales team prospect data at their fingertips. That enables them to make more deals within a shorter period. The tool enhances proper connection through communication to the consumer. Its main features are:
– Give clear web activities through revenue cycle and sales
– Live web visit alerts
– Detailed graphical results
– Identify common prospects
– Send and track of customized email templates
– Access to insight and visibility features

4) Marketbridge
This tool improve sales results and marketing RIO through digital customer analytics. MarketBridge products and services are powered by CRM. Key features include:
– Easy identification of best business practices
– Detailed reports and analytics
– Development on buyer persona
– It has power to reach, transform and grow through digital inbound marketing
– ability to align valuable prospectus to the consumers
– Design and use of customized sales enablement tools that fit the business needs
– Business assessment through Marketing Technology and playbooks

5) SessionM
This tool is a mobile loyalty program that serves advertisers, publishers, developers and mobile users according to their role in the digital marketing industry. Publishers and developers monetize, engage and retain their users for free through SessionM platform. This makes them gain loyalty and revenue. Advertisers create relevant marketing and brand activities that is valuable to them. This tool has the following key features:
– Every message can be formatted differently
– It is an Opt-in platform which means users connect on their own terms
– Timely target advertising ability when customers are most active
– Network has wide global users
– Advertisements are continuous process of the platform

The list of sales enablement tools can be long considering that more companies are creating similar tools and competing to deliver the best solutions for businesses. It is worth noting that any business or company that require these tools should know what each of them provides, its effectiveness and value it adds in the business organization.

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